Real Estate Agents Are Free to Home Buyers

Your real estate agent will likely be paid by the seller’s real estate agent.

This is how it works: in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the seller’s agent will say that he will pay some amount, usually a percentage of the sales price, to any other member of the MLS who represents the person who buys his client’s home.

This works great for the home seller because now tens of thousands of real estate agents are working to sell the house.

Your Real Estate Agent Looks Out for You, Not the Seller

Don’t worry, even though your agent is usually paid by the seller’s agent, under Arizona law your real estate agent is legally obligated to represent your best interests, not the seller’s best interests.

Just remember, your real estate agent works for you even though your real estate agent is free to you.

Call me for the details, especially about the exceptions.

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