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First Signs of Big Changes in the Phoenix Real Estate Market

Phoenix Real Estate Market – Update Mike Orr at The Cromford Report made a lot of great observations last week. Compared to year ago, single-family detached for rent in MLS… “average being asked to pay 20% less in rent per square foot.” “There has also been a 20% increase in the number of rental homes available in Phoenix on the Progress Residential web site over the past 4 weeks.” “This appears to be a significant turnaround in the rental market and it does not seem to have been recognized by the media outlets, who are mostly still referring to rising rents. That is so 2021.” “… it is conceivable that…

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Number of Houses for Sale in Phoenix Increasing… Slowly

FYI, My latest article in has taken off! It has over 100,000 views after just 2 days! The Real Reason House Prices Are Skyrocketing: What The Real Estate Industry Won’t Tell You Phoenix Factoids A Few More Houses for Sale Seeing some signs of the number of homes for sale increasing a bit but it’s weird. The number of smaller single-family houses listed for sale in the MLS in Maricopa County is up a bit compared to last year at this time but the number of large houses for sale is way down. What’s with the large houses? Comments? Single-Family Houses – Maricopa CountyNumber for Sale in MLS Now…

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