Where else besides the Arizona Republic can you find general info on Arizona real estate (besides at this website)? It turns out Tom Gibbons at the East Valley Tribune seems to know what he is talking about.

The housing bubble doesn’t seem ready to burst. In fact, in this market it’s not really deflating.

… But our home appreciation has far outstripped the Midwest’s home appreciation. Take for example, Minneapolis-St. Paul. In 2003, the Valley’s median home price was more than $45,000 below their median price. In the first quarter of this year, our median was about $34,000 higher than their median price.

Nice, succinct commentary. And to think his analysis came out only 1 week after Catherine Reagor’s “Home prices may dip 10%” article.

I used to subscribe to the Trib. It’s a very good newspaper.

Now that the Trib has free online access – it used to be behind a subscription wall – I’ll keep an eye on it again.