I just got a call on this on Monday.

Many people who are under 55 want to move into an adult community. They are still working for sure but they want to live in a community where they can transition into retirement without moving.

The only adult community that I knew of that had a minimum age of 45 was Sun Lakes in Chandler. And sure enough, just driving around Sun Lakes, it seems younger than the other adult communities.

The article makes it sound as if Westbrook Village (just east of Sun City but newer and with great freeway access) in Peoria recently changed its minimum age to 45.

I see this as a big trend.

I think the 45 minimum age would allay a lot of the fears of some baby boomers who would kinda like to live in an adult community but when they see a bunch of 70 and 80 year olds walking around the neighborhood, they just get scared. Baby boomers don’t want to ever think of themselves as getting older.

However, seeing some attactive 40-somethings walking around the neighborhood should dispell that feeling for most of the old fart baby boomers like me.

It looks like 45 will be the new 55 at Sun City Grand.

If you know of other adult communities where 45 is the minimum age, please make a note in the comments.

And if you are looking for a home in an adult community, I would be very happy to help you or refer you to a Realtor who can.