When I was recently working on updating the design of this website, I had to rework a lot of pages and I ended up “decluttering” the pages of the 16 Tips for Arizona Home Buyers to make them cleaner and simpler.

I really like how the pages ended up looking and kind of fell in love with the Tips all over again. I first wrote the 16 Tips several years ago and over the years I’ve put a ton of time into refining them. The 16 Tips for Arizona Home Buyers are really good, if I do say so myself.

Diving in a little deeper, I noticed in Google Analytics that some tips get a lot more traffic than others. People seem to be searching home buying problems online and finding one of the 16 Tips. So higher pageviews roughly translates into higher interest.

5 Top Questions from Arizona Home Buyers

1. How much earnest money should I put down? (Tip 8)

2. How do I actually write an offer to buy a home? (Tip 2)

3. What if I find problems during the Inspection Period? (Tip 12)

4. Does the 80-inch flat screen TV come with the home? (Tip 5)

5. Who pays for my real estate agent? (Tip 1)

So those are the top 5 most requested topics from the 16 Arizona home buyer tips.

If you’re a more detailed oriented, well prepared person, you probably don’t want to miss anything so you’ll probably want to read the whole tutorial.