Looking at the price graphs below, Scottsdale had surprisingly strong gains in median home price January through June. Tempe, however, had the largest percentage increase (11%) followed by Phoenix (9%) and then Scottsdale (7%).

Last year Tempe lagged Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa in price increases. So far this year, Tempe has done far better than those other East Valley cities.

Phoenix has seen the same thing; it lagged the Valley in 2005 but has been a leader in 2006.

Scottsdale is different. Scottsdale often led the Valley in median price increases in 2004 and 2005. After leveling off last summer (it was the first city to level off), Scottsdale is again seeing strong price increases.

Of course, percentage increases I’m calling strong in 2006 would have been called pitiful in 2005.