Sweet Girls Looking to Find True Puppy Love

Please let me know if you or someone you know could provide a loving home. They do not need to be placed together. Thank you so much. Susan


Hi, I’m Violet and I have lots of love to give! You will find me very lovable and affectionate. I hope to find some playmates to romp around with, maybe another dog or some kids. I really like to go for rides in the car. I am outdoorsy and adventurous and enjoy camping, swimming and I have even been on a canoe (just don’t expect me to paddle). My favorite foods are carrots, veggies and peanut butter. My stats: 7 year old Blue Tick Coonhound mix, approx. 70 lbs (athletic build)


My name is Serrafina and I am a sweet and loving girl. I’m not much of an outdoor girl though I do enjoy a short walk and I like to keep close to my family and watch over them whether they are inside or outside; I just like to be near my loved ones. My favorite pastimes are sleeping, riding in the car and getting scratches on my neck. I’m not much of a health nut but my favorite foods are carrots and veggies. My stats: 9 year old Australian Shepherd mix, voluptuous and fluffy 80lbs

They sound like great dogs! One wonderful dog is enough for me. Leave a comment if you would like to contact Susan. John