Perhaps your neighbor made a bundle by putting his home on the market just when prices peaked. Maybe your sister sold her condo last month, reaping a 40% return. But when it comes to your own abode, that means nothing.

Overpricing your home is bad. That’s conventional wisdom but it’s very hard for sellers to do, especially those who are naturally suspicious of Realtors.

If you don’t trust Realtors, raise your hand. There’s a lot of you out there.

If you don’t plan to sell for a few months, the best place to get detailed information on homes sold in your zip code is my other website and weekly email newsletter, Arizona Home Sale News.

It’s been my experience that people who follow Arizona Home Sale News closely for a few months have an excellent idea of their home’s value.

So then when you do interviews, you can tell if any Realtors are you.