If you learn these tips, you’ll know more about the home buying process than some Arizona real estate agents!

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Tip 1 – Who pays for my real estate agent?

Tip 2 – How do I actually write an offer to buy a home?

Tip 3 – Can I cancel the contract during the Inspection Period?

Tip 4 – Can I strengthen my offer without paying more?

Tip 5 – Does the 80-inch flat screen TV come with the home?

Tip 6 – Should I use an Arizona loan officer or are internet loans okay?

Tip 7 – What if I find a problem in a home being sold ‘as-is’?

Tip 8 – How much earnest money should I put down?

Tip 9 – What if the seller doesn’t accept my offer?

Tip 10 – What happens if it ends up I can’t borrow the money to buy the house?

Tip 11 – How does the Arizona HOA addendum help me?

Tip 12 – What if I find problems during the Inspection Period?

Tip 13 – Are you recommending those loan officers because they pay you?

Tip 14 – How much down payment should I make?

Tip 15 – How is the down payment different than the earnest money?

Tip 16 – What’s the purpose of the walkthrough?

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