“Substantially the Same Condition”

The walkthrough is another important protection for Arizona home buyers that is written into the “Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract” of the Arizona Association of Realtors.

The walkthrough is done to verify that the home is in “substantially the same condition” as the day the contract was accepted. You will usually do the walkthrough a day or two before the close of escrow.

The walkthrough is needed because from time to time something will break in a home after the inspections have been completed. This is your opportunity to catch any new problems that may have developed, such as damage caused when the seller moved out.

More importantly, during the walkthrough you can verify whether the seller has completed the repairs the seller had previously agreed to make, if any.

Don’t skip the walkthrough. According to the contract, if you don’t do a walkthrough, you can’t later go after the seller for any problems that you could have discovered during a walkthrough.

New Damage and Uncompleted Repairs

If you find some new damage or you find the seller has not completed all agreed upon repairs, then things can get wild because the home is typically scheduled to close the next day!

We’ve seen this happen before and have techniques that can help resolve the problem so the home can close on time.


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