Inspection Period

The Inspection Period is usually 10 calendar days. The Inspection Period begins the day the purchase contract is completed by being signed by both you and the seller.

Inspections are Extremely Important

It is extremely important for you to make thorough inspections of the property during the Inspection Period. If you then decide to cancel the contract – and you want to receive a full refund of your earnest money – you must cancel the contract before the Inspection Period ends.

During the Inspection Period you should also investigate anything related to the home that is important to you such as the quality of the schools or future development plans for the surrounding areas.

Free Professional Help to Manage Your Inspection Period

A top reason for hiring an Arizona real estate agent is to have a professional advise you on your deadlines and what you should do during your Inspection Period. And remember, home buyers usually pay nothing to have a professional real estate agent work for them.

Next to negotiating the price and terms of the contract with the seller, the Inspection Period is the most important, most complex and most stressful part of the home buying process in Arizona. Mismanaging your opportunities to cancel can be disastrous. It’s especially critical to meet all the deadlines in your contract.

Don’t worry. If we work together, we will help watch the deadlines for you so you can focus on checking out the home.

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