New Home Price Peaks

This surprises me.

What’s more, nine of them reached new price peaks in 2013, according to CoreLogic. Those are:

District of Columbia
North Dakota
South Dakota

Most of those areas didn’t see enormous home price increases during the real estate boom and there seems to be a lot of oil and gas markets on that list.

Furthest from Peak Home Prices

Speaking of enormous price increases, the markets below saw crazy price increases during the real estate boom.

The five states furthest from their peak values are:

Nevada: down 40.5% from its peak value
Florida: -37.3%
Arizona: -31.4%
Rhode Island: -29.4%
Illinois: -24.5%

Arizona is several/many years away from matching the prices of 2006 and in real, inflation-adjusted terms, I don’t think Arizona will ever match those 2006 home prices.