Here’s a better article on the Urban Land Institute’s real estate trends conference in Phoenix. The meetings generated the Phoenix Business Journal post below.

The news is still pretty negative.

A panel that included a top land broker and some building executives agree one one thing: There’s more pain ahead before the market bottoms.

But the specifics don’t sound so bad.

Several people on the panel… think the bottom will come in May or July, before the second half of the year.

Of course, you don’t expect home appreciation to set the world on fire.

Home will still appreciate, but at a pace of something like 3 to 5 percent a year

And time is running out for new home bargain hunters.

Another trend: look for the widespread incentives that builders are handing out for unsold homes now to disappear as they cycle back into normal production.

The Arizona Republic wins in a knockout over the Phoenix Business Journal in the coverage of the Urban Land Institute’s real estate trends conference.