The Arizona real estate market has 3 well known ECONOMIC GURUS – Elliot Pollack, RL Brown and Jay Butler.

Elliot Pollack has an economic and real estate consulting firm called, you guessed it, Elliot D. Pollack and Company.

He covers the entire Arizona economy with a special emphasis on real estate. I’m sure if he were in Michigan his special emphasis would be on the auto industry. If he were in Iowa, it would be on agriculture. In Arizona, it’s on real estate.

If your trade association or industry group is having a conference on the local ecomomy, having Elliot Pollack speak is pretty much de rigueur. And he always comes through with numbers specific for Arizona.

My impression is that he is slightly pessimistic, although I haven’t followed him closely enough to say for sure.

There’s no doubt, however, that he’s essential reading for Arizona real estate wonks.

The Elliott D. Pollack & Company website doesn’t have a lot of information but the quality of the info is excellent.