In Bob Bruss’ column below, he recommends hiring a real estate lawyer to write up the contract for a seller who has already found the buyer without using a Realtor.

In Arizona, a Realtor can write a contract as part of selling a home but in this case the home is already “sold” so a real estate attorney should write the contract.

Here’s a list of Arizona real estate lawyers. There are many others. I can’t recommend any, although I’m very impressed with the first two.

  • Richard Keyt at KEYTLaw, 602-906-4953 (Best Arizona real estate law web site,
  • Combs Law Group, 602-957-9810 (Writes the Arizona real estate law articles used in this blog,
  • Andy Hull, Attorney at Law, 602-230-0088
  • Timothy Ducar at Ducar Lorona and Parks, 602-253-9700
  • Stoops, Denious, Wilson & Murray, 602-274-7700
  • Christopher M. McNichol at Gust Rosenfeld, 602-257-7496
  • Bob Bass, Robert N. Bass, Ltd., 602-274-9452