Check any of the 124 zip codes in the right-hand column and you’ll see the most up-to-date graphs available for free on Arizona home prices, home sales, inventory of homes for sale and much more.

Home sales usually tapper off in August (and especially September). Nevertheless, a few zip codes in metro Phoenix had strong sales in August. That shows that at least in some zip codes that lower home prices are leading to increase demand for homes.

Like last month, even in zip codes with strong numbers of home sales (relatively speaking), the median home price continued to fall.

While the inventory of homes for sale is falling in several zip codes… the inventory of homes for sale is still increasing in many other zip codes.

Here are some areas discussed in the video below;

  • El Mirage
  • Sun City
  • Phoenix – Anthem area
  • Glendale – Arrowhead Ranch
  • East Mesa
  • Queen Creek

The video below gives you a quick tour of the current real estate market in several Phoenix area zip codes;

Arizona Real Estate Market Video

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