Buying U.S. real estate (your Arizona vacation home) can act like an exchange rate hedge and a portfolio diversification strategy for many Canadians and English. The crazy low U.S. dollar opens up new opportunities for Canadians and British who would like a place in the sun.

An Arizona home could be more expensive for our friends from Canada and England next year, if the U.S. dollar rebounds against their currencies.

British Airways has daily direct non-stop flights between Heathrow and Sky Harbor and we have excellent connections, of course, with Canada. A sunny, golf get-away, winter home is closer than you may think.

No better time to buy in sunbelt

The double whammy of falling U.S. real estate prices and a rising loonie have created a once-in-a-lifetime bargain for Canadians looking for property in the U.S. sunbelt states.

“I love the Canadian dollar at parity,” said Ms. Cooper this week in a economic note. “We are truly richer, as the money we earn and the money we invest is worth more.

Looking at exchange rates, an Arizona home is 12% cheaper for Canadians, 3% cheaper for the British and 6% cheaper for the French than it was in January… just 9 months ago.