I love all the crazy lists you hear about Arizona. They are often promoted by political activists to show how bad Arizona is and how important it is that the State of Arizona fund their pet project… not that they have an axe to grind or anything.

This list of lists, however, is very amusing – we have the best drivers as well as the worst road rage, etc.

Arizona and Valley cities appeared on many “best” and “worst” lists in 2007. A Top 10 List of those lists might look something like this:

1) “Sweatiest cities,” Phoenix ranked No. 1 (Old Spice deodorant)

2) “Best drinking water,” Phoenix ranked last out of 100 cities (Men’s Health magazine)

3) “America’s best drivers,” Phoenix ranked No. 1 among big cities (Allstate Insurance Co.)

4) “Worst road rage,” Phoenix ranked No. 6 (AutoVantage)

5) “Best communities for young people,” Scottsdale, Tempe and Chandler in top 100 (America’s Promise)

6) “Children’s quality of life,” Arizona ranked 39th among U.S. states (Every Child Matters)

7) “Best customer service,” Phoenix ranked No. 1 (Grass Roots Performance Measurement)

8 ) “America’s ‘greenest’ states,” Arizona ranked No. 10 (Forbes magazine)

9) “Best performing cities,” metro Phoenix ranked No. 4 (The Milken Institute)

10) “Chlamydia cases per capita,” Arizona ranked 11th among U.S. states (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)