I just switched to a WordPress blog. I like it a lot better than Moveable Type.

I made my first blog in 2002 out of Moveable Type. WordPress was brand new at the time, if memory serves, so I went with the Cadillac, Moveable Type.

That blog was a hobby site so after a few months of fun I just had to kill it and get some work done.

When I came back to blogging last summer, I set up this blog with Moveable Type because I was familiar with it. The truth turns out to be that WordPress was easier for me to use despite knowing something about Moveable Type.

I hope you prefer this new look.

Please help me if you find any bugs and send me an email or make a comment.

And we’re off on a new adventure!

HAT TIP to Tom Royce of The Real Estate Bloggers where I first saw this WordPress theme called Cutline.