Without a doubt, the best part of this article was the graphic. It was like one of those “Factoids” you see on the front page of USA Today, a graphic with a little blurb, but in this case it was a giant Factoid.

It’s great that the Republic seems to be realizing that graphics can communicate some data far better than words. They even put that giant graphic in the middle of the front page above the fold! [Maybe it was a slow news day!]

For the life of me, I can’t find that graphic online. Okay, I snagged it.

Arizona Republic front page

Enough about presentation.

The point is that asking prices are coming down. Notice that the sale price has actually increased slightly since last summer. But also notice that the gap between the list price and the sale price is still large and that list prices could fall a lot more and still have no effect on the median sale price.

I agree with the article’s idea that home sales will increase if list prices decline (… even if sale prices don’t decline).