You can assume that any bees you see in Arizona are the very aggressive Africanized bees.

A large swarm of bees stung several residents and at least two firefighters Tuesday as they responded to an active beehive in a pine tree at a Scottsdale home.

The beehive, which was comparable to the size of a trash can, was resting 35 feet high in the tree in the 5300 block of North 83rd Place, near Granite Reef and Jackrabbit roads.

Fire crews worked with the homeowner to contact a bee-removal service, and nearby residents and schools had been contacted, informing them of the situation and to stay inside, according to the Scottsdale Fire Department.

Since the entry of Africanized honey bees into Arizona in the 1990’s, bees are no longer cute.

If you see some bees in your neighborhood, you should see if you can find out where they are coming from.

If you think you know where a hive may be, DO NOT attempt to remove a bee hive yourself!

Tell the property owner and if it is on your own property, call a bee-removal service. Call your local fire department for advice.

I understand, although I’m no expert, that Africanized bees won’t attack you more than about one-quarter mile from their hive. That means that you can out run the bees.

But not everyone can escape.

Although rare, most of the human deaths caused by Africanized bees are elderly folks who can not run away fast enough.

Most deaths caused by Africanized bees, however, are pets who are trapped in their backyards or on their leashes and who can not escape the attacking bees.

Keep an eye out for bees in your neighborhood!