US Air, however, is complaining about the height of the Tempe Town Lake project.

SunCor, based in Tempe, is moving to develop about 26 acres on the lake’s south shore with more than 3 million square feet of offices, condos, hotel rooms and shops.

The Marina Heights project will give SunCor control of an entire mile of the lake’s shoreline, as it owns the adjacent Hayden Ferry Lakeside. SunCor figures it will take until 2029 to finish the project on land that today is owned by Arizona State University.

Tempe has long been frustrated that ASU has spent six years studying, planning and restudying its land without turning over a shovel of dirt. That undeveloped land deprived Tempe of millions of dollars in fees to maintain the lake and in property tax revenue, so the city has many reasons to see work start soon.