I wrote an article with Judy Hedding of Phoenix About.com in 2006 about the different types of homes in Arizona – single family detached, condo, townhouse, patio, loft, twin/gemini, manufactured and mobile homes.

Judy’s readers often asked her questions about what the differences were between the different Arizona home types.

In Arizona, for example, we have “patio homes.” Many out of state people (and in state people) have never heard the term, patio home.

We also have the constant confusion between a duplex and a twin/gemini home. And don’t forget the confusion between manufactured and mobile homes.

arizona home types definitions discussion explanation

If that weren’t confusing enough, there is no official definition of Arizona home types in the Arizona MLS. Some homes could be called a condo, townhouse, patio home or twin/gemini home and each would be correct.

I just looked over the article, Types of Homes in Phoenix and Scottsdale, again for the first time in over a year and, boy, it still looks good! It’s a nice evergreen piece. Check it out.

Well, About.com has a new policy that guest authors have to sign over their publication rights but in return they get a bio on About.com. Cool. John Wake – Phoenix Guest Author at About.com.