Boring in real estate means you won’t run into people who talk your ear off humble-bragging at a Christmas party about the killing they just make on a house they flipped.

Boring means you won’t hear real estate radio shows telling you you’re a loser for not investing in real estate.

Boring means your dying sister doesn’t lose her home.

Boring means you don’t feel fear in the pit of your stomach when you check out home values in your neighborhood.

Real Estate is Boring

Lansner talks about how the Los Angeles real estate market is boring/normal/average.

The numbers are different for the Phoenix real estate market but the conclusion for 2015 is the same – boring.

Maybe it’s because I’m an economist by training and economists focus on the economic damages caused by booms and busts.

Or maybe it’s because I’m an nerd by temperament so I like things to be stable, predictable, boring.

Or maybe it’s because I’ve seen the human pain caused by the Great Real Estate Bust and I hope to never see it again.

Whatever the reason, I like boring – a lot.

Get Rich Slow

Slow and stable home appreciation is good.

[And in addition to the social benefits, it has the added personal benefit that you don’t have to patiently listen to a blind-optimist bragging about how he made as much in one flip as you made in the whole year, and how he kind of insinuates that you’re a pessimistic loser for thinking that home prices could ever fall, and how he’s going to buy twice as many properties next year.]

Do you think boring is good or bad? Please let me know in a comment below.