I just stumbled across this good blog on U.S. real estate.


– “As is” in home sale marketing. Anything went in the boom market, but if you’re planning to use “as is” in 2007, forget it. The two letter-two word kiss of death, buyers see it as a red flag about the home and you the seller.

I haven’t see the trend below yet in Arizona. What could possible replace stainless steel appliances?

-Stainless-steel refrigerators and dishwashers are a fading trend. The cold look and higher maintenance of steel is shifting buyers to specify warmer colors.

Those bamboo floor sure look good however.

-Bamboo floors. The first reviews are in on this popular eco-friendly flooring and they’re not pretty. They’re easily dented and scratched and prone to warping from variations in our climate and humidity levels.

Hardwood laminate floors. These noisy poor relatives of
solid hardwood don’t stand up to multiple sanding’s to change color or to remove stains.

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