Arizona is second only to Florida with Canadian home buyers.

Where Canadian Buy US Homes

I bet Arizona is the top destination for home buyers from British Columbia and Alberta.

It’s become super convenient for Canadians to travel to Arizona. The number of daily direct flights from western Canada to Arizona has skyrocketed over the last 10 years.

For example, with a quick online search I found 7 direct flights in one day from Calgary to Phoenix. Direct flights take only 3 hours so it’s a quick way to get a break from the Canadian winters. (For example, the high temperature on a recent day in Edmonton was -9 degrees celsius.)

In addition, property taxes are phenomenally lower in Arizona than in California or Texas (or Florida, for that matter) which greatly lowers the overall cost of owning vacation homes in Arizona.

  • Factoid: About 86% of Canadians paid all cash for their American homes according to a study published last year by economists at the National Association or Realtors.

Are you a Canadian? Please leave a comment comparing Arizona to other states for your winter home. Thanks!