by Phoenix attorney Christopher A. Combs, partner with Combs Law Group, P.C.


During the Inspection Period, the buyer submits a BINSR [Buyer Inspection Notice and Seller Response] stating that the buyer elects to cancel the Contract due to too high of an anticipated monthly mortgage payment, and due to the failing health of the buyer. Can the buyer cancel the Contract and receive the earnest money back for either of these reasons?


Probably not. Line 234 of the Contract provides that the buyer can cancel within the Inspection Period if the buyer ” disapproves of items as allowed herein.” This language references Lines 182-194 of the Contract, which specifies the items which the buyer can investigate during the Inspection Period, and upon which the buyer can base any cancellation. All of these items relate to the premises themselves, and not financing or health problems. Therefore, the buyer would probably be in breach of the Contract for attempting to cancel because of these reasons, and would lose the earnest money if the buyer failed to close the transaction.

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