You would think their expert knowledge of the real estate market would let Realtors price their homes correctly but it’s not true. Realtors often overprice their personal homes!

It always tickles me to see a Realtor overprice their own home. It’s funny because it’s often the same Realtor who likes to complain about his clients overpricing their homes!

What it gets down to is this; The market knowledge that Realtors have is often trumped by the emotions that all home sellers have.

You, the homeowner, chose the home because you liked it more than most other home buyers. Then over the years you made it even more likable… for your tastes anyway.

[Note: The next paragraph may get the author in a lot of hot water but on the other hand, the author will find out how thoroughly his wife reads this web site.]

I think my wife is gorgeous but I don’t expect every other man in America to think she’s gorgeous too.

When it comes to their homes, however, people lose their perspective. Most homeowners, including Realtors, feel that since they think their home is gorgeous, everyone else will think it’s gorgeous too.