This article in the Arizona Republic describes a rare Frank Lloyd Wright designed home for sale in Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s not designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s not designed by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. It’s not a Frank Lloyd Wright “inspired” design.

It was designed by the master himself.

Wright homes are not on the market often and in this case, the David Wright house is in original condition, adding to its allure. It also happens to be on two prime acres, with a guesthouse, southwest of 56th Street and Camelback Road.

“Hopefully, somebody buys it and appreciates it for what it is,” said Roy, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin West in Scottsdale.

The 2,200-square-foot Wright house features an elevated living space with a spiral ramp winding up and around to the second-level entrance. A smaller ramp leads to a rooftop deck above the kitchen.

The ramps are reminiscent of the spiral design of the Guggenheim Museum, completed in New York in 1959, the year of Wright’s death.

Roy said that the David Wright house was designed as part of a Frank Lloyd Wright magazine story circa 1948 on how to live in the desert Southwest.

“His idea was that if you get up one level, you can catch the desert breezes and you’ll also be able to have a view,” he said.