Sonoran Mountain Ranch in Peoria, Arizona sits on some of the most beautiful land Arizona has to offer. It sits just a few miles west of Deem Hills Park and a few miles north of Alta Vista Park. Sonoran Mountain Ranch is also just a few miles south of Lake Pleasant and Lake Pleasant National Park. This community’s landscape and enchanting surroundings are one of the main reasons people decide to call it home, but this is not the only thing the Sonoran Mountain Ranch has to offer prospective homebuyers because its location offers more than just beautiful scenery.

Just Around the Corner from Sonoran Mountain Ranch

Phoenix and Scottsdale sit south of Sonoran Mountain Ranch, and residents only have about an hour’s drive into either city. This creates a unique community setting that allows residents both a serene and picturesque place to call home surrounded by nature and a manageable drive to some of Arizona’s most popular cities. The proximity makes driving to work in either city more manageable, but Sonoran Mountain Ranch keeps residents away from the traditional atmosphere of city life. The cities provide more attractions, like the bustling Scottsdale Fashion Square, a large mall filled with a huge variety of stores, and a modern engineering marvel, Chase Field in Phoenix.

Sonoran Mountain Ranch Real Estate

Inside the homes, Sonoran Mountain Ranch has more to offer prospective residents. Most of the houses were built in the last ten years, around 2005 and 2006, which is incredibly new for most houses. Sonoran Mountain Ranch was also built by a number of different builders, which gives each home its own distinct look while still complimenting the other homes surrounding it. Desert Cove Homes also provides custom homes for interested buyers. In terms of price, Sonoran Mountain Ranch covers a range that most prospective homebuyers can find in their budget. The prices can range from in hundred thousand area, all the up to $1.5 million, which is where custom houses normally fall. The average price is around $115 per square foot.

Sonoran Mountain Ranch offers something future homeowners wish for and look for. It could be the new place for you to call home.