This controversy about doubling the size of a residence to create a group home, assisted living center for up to 10 in Scottsdale Ranch brings up a sensitive area for real estate agents.

Real estate agents can’t volunteer to you that a group home exists in a neighborhood you are looking at. That would be equivalent to pointing out that someone of a particular race, religion, or physical disability lives in the neighborhood.

It’s tricky for real estate agents because this group home could create significant parking problems in that cul-de-sac.

If you were to ask a real estate agent if there were a group home in the area, they have to answer honestly if they know about it. But they can’t volunteer that information.

More saliently, a buyer might want to investigate whether there are any traffic, parking or noise problems in the neighborhood that aren’t readily apparent. A buyer may want to look at the minutes of recent Homeowners Association board meetings to see if there are any controversies going on.

what about the crazy lady next door

There was a recent variation of this controversy regarding the sale of a home near the Arcadia neighborhood of East Phoenix.

The seller didn’t notify the buyer that there was a crazy lady living next door who would often scream at her neighbors.

The buyer said the crazy lady next door should have been disclosed to the buyer during the inspection period.

The seller said, essentially, that disclosing the neighbor’s medical condition would be equivalent to disclosing that a neighbor had AIDS.

That case was in court. I wonder if and how it was resolved.