Liz put this together and sent it out to the family and friends last weekend. I think it’s cool because it tells a story.

  • One kid (John) graduated from ASU with a B.S. in Bio-Engineering
  • One kid (Chris) went to China with the ASU Honors College
  • Liz went back to Iowa to visit the grand nephews (Liz is in love!)
  • The Wakes had a reunion at Zion National Park
  • Including 6 of my 8 brothers and sisters (an airline pilot (in India!), a federal judge (Harvard Law School), a PhD in molecular biology (Baylor Medical School), a mother of 4, moi, another lawyer (Stanford Law School) and a mother of 3).
  • And my sister Holly (with her daughter Kendra and our cousin Scott) who couldn’t make it to Zion. (It turns out ALS can run in families!)

I hope I appreciate every day of this coming year!