This morning I stumbled upon a $6.5 million home sold in Scottsdale and just glancing, the price seemed out of line to me. It was over $1,000 per square foot!

As is my habit when I run across surprisingly high-priced sales, I checked the listing and selling agents and sure enough the agent representing the buyer was also representing the seller.

Please don’t use the seller’s agent as your agent. It can be very expensive.

When you use the seller’s agent as your agent, your agent can not tell you if the home is overpriced because that would be betraying your agent’s responsibility to their other client, the seller.

I imagine the buyer walked into an open house, loved the house, loved the (seller’s) agent and trusted her.

Perhaps the home was worth $1,000+ per square foot, honestly I haven’t studied it closely, but my initial suspicion is that dual agent issues were a factor here.