Dian Hymer on getting the most out of your home stager.

I took a 2-day seminar on home staging in 2005 which ended with the class actually staging a home. It was great fun and I learned a ton.

One thing I learned, however, was that a lot of those gals – most professional home stagers are women – knew more about home staging than I would ever learn.

Since then I have often paid for a home stager to consult with my Seller clients to help them prepare their homes for sale. It has been very successful.

A well staged home sells faster and often for a better price.

In today’s market, where Buyer’s have a huge selection of homes to choose from, and many homes never sell at all, you want your home to look spectacular.

And really, staging your home is not that hard. The most time consuming part for the Seller is packing up some things early. The Sellers are moving out anyway, so they are just getting a jump on the packing while making the home look great.

In addition, after I’ve sold their home, the final packing up goes more smoothly for the Seller.

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