I was running late on sending out the Home Sale News e-newsletters.

I was very busy last week with closing a transaction, preparing a new listing to look great before putting it in the MLS, attending a tour of Scottsdale City government sponsored by the Scottsdale Association of Realtors, and following all the breaking news about the financial crisis.

When I finally got around this morning to sending out Arizona Home Sale News, I realized I didn’t receive the raw data from The Information Market last week. Whoops! I should have called Tom last week.

Anyway, I should get the data from them tomorrow and I should be able to send out the Home Sale News e-newsletters out soon after I receive the raw data.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

Home Sale News

By the way, Home Sale News is quite a project. There are 124 Home Sale News e-newsletters covering the homes sold in 124 zip codes in Maricopa County, Arizona.

I send out a total of 59,000 Home Sale News newsletters each week. The average subscriber subscribes to just over 3 zip code newsletters so that would be about 18,000 total subscribers to Home Sale News. I started Home Sale News in 2001.

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P.S. I’m looking for some help. Some possibilities are a transaction coordinator, a listing coordinator, an internet customer coordinator, or a HomeSmart agent that covers the West Valley. If you know anyone you can recommend, please call me at 480-600-0947.