My brokerage, HomeSmart Real Estate, with 1,700 agents acquired Dan Schwartz Realty with 1,600 agents last week giving HomeSmart Real Estate 3,300 agents and making it by far the largest real estate brokerage in Arizona, the largest in the Southwest, and one of the largest in the United States.

HomeSmart Real Estate was created by Matt Widdows in 2000. Matt has always excelled at providing the latest technology to his agents and clients. That’s why I joined HomeSmart when I first got my real estate license 5 years ago.

Matt’s a good guy… and a tech geek.

Last spring while he was expanding the Scottsdale office I popped in to check the progress and Matt himself was up on a ladder with a hammer after everyone else had left for the day.

In 2005 and 2006 I would catch Matt himself fixing the printer in the Scottsdale HomeSmart office. I think he likes that stuff. It also shows how important it is to Matt to have technology that works. (Matt eventually hired a firm to take care of all that stuff.)

And the guy is young too as you can see in the video linked to above.

Congratulations Matt!