I’ve been showing homes for 6 days straight with 4 different clients. The results were one contract, one likely contract, and two will wait until next fall before pulling the trigger. It feels like 2005.

I’m starting to see some homes that really surprise me with how inexpensive they are. I haven’t seen many homes like that since 2004.

But that’s not the point of this post.

How not to sell your home

Make it hard to find the home.

When writing a description in the MLS first give the two major cross streets. Great. Standard. So far so good.

Then say something like “take first right onto…” Well, do I drive north, south, east or west from the intersection to find the street?

I ended up trying all four directions and eventually found the home on the last direction I tried.

I bet many Realtors gave up and didn’t find or show the home.

Oh yeah, list the home as being in the wrong subdivision just so it’s not too easy for Realtors to find and show the home.

That bank owned home hasn’t sold. Surprise, surprise.

If they can’t see it, they can’t buy it.