Want to know more about the home buying process in Arizona before you jump in?

Then this tutorial I just finished updating is for you!

The home Arizona buying process is very different than back East or in Canada.

Know what to expect when you’re buying an Arizona home so you’re aren’t surprised later on.

Learn the quirks in the Arizona home buying process.

Knowledge is Power!

7-Step Arizona Home Buying Tutorial

This is a great 7-step tutorial, if I do say so myself, for Canadians and other out-of-state buyers of Arizona homes.

  1. How to research homes for sale online
  2. How to find an loan
  3. How to find your Arizona Realtor
  4. Home to find your future home
  5. How to make an offer on a home
  6. Buyer inspection process
  7. How to complete the purchase

What you’ll learn about buying an Arizona home

• How you can find the best homes online.

• How long you should plan on touring homes with your Realtor.

• How much should you put down as earnest money when you make an offer on a home.

• How you can improve your offer without costing you a dime.

• How you can avoid losing your earnest money.

• How you can cancel a contract and get all your earnest money back.

• How the home inspection process works and protects you.

• How to avoid paying for title insurance.

• How you officially become the owner of the home.

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