Here’s a nice list from a real estate agent in Maryland.

Home Exterior – walk across the street to your neighbors house and take a look at your home. Do you like what you see?

  • Remove cars from the driveway, front of house and garage.
  • Hide recycling and trash receptacles, garden tools and hoses.
  • Have lawn cut, mulched and add flowers if weather permits; remove dead plantings.
  • Have windows washed and remove screens if possible.
  • Power wash walkways, patios, siding if necessary.
  • Neatly arrange patio furniture, uncover barbecue so scene is set.

Home Interior – take your time and go room to room to enhance the look and feel of each room.

  • Replace all burned out light bulbs.
  • Clean and neaten all closets including removal of all items from the floor.
  • Set the scene in each room by arranging furniture and accessories; remove excess (you may need a stager) to make rooms look open and large. Remember less is more!!!
  • Have carpets cleaned and/or stretched if needed. Replace capret on an as needed basis.
  • Touch up paint if needed.
  • Remove excess art and photos but not all. You are living in the house after all!
  • Clean off counters in kitchen and baths; add fresh looking towels to bathrooms.
  • Make sure all beds are made, clothing and personal items are put away neatly.