Posting has been light because I was finishing up the testing and paperwork to get my broker’s license.

Now I’m an Associate Broker. It’s a step above a regular real estate agent with more training, testing and experience.

I knew December would be slow, it usually is, so I took that opportunity to move my professional career forward.

The class schedule I followed at the Arizona School of Real Estate in Scottsdale was from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM four (4) days a week for three (3) weeks.

Boy, I was brain dead by Wednesday, working the mornings then taking classes in the afternoons and evenings.

After that there were two (2) school exams and two (2) state exams, as well as a broker management clinic.

I’m going to stay at HomeSmart as an Associate Broker. I love HomeSmart.

However, now that I have a Broker’s license I’ll always have the option of starting my own brokerage.