You can now see an updated week of home sales in the individual zip code pages.


The zip code charts are NOT updated even though I have the data for May.

I can’t update the charts because my web host updated their version of PHP and the charting software I use is no longer working. The new version of PHP apparently won’t dynamically load my charting software.

Arghh! Another in a constant string of technical problems.

In fact, I’m in the process of discontinuing my email updates (Home Sale News) because they became too expensive and time-consuming to maintain for the amount of business they generated.

I don’t think that will happen to Arizona Real Estate Notebook but we could lose the charts for a while… or perhaps permanently, if things go poorly.

I love the charts and would like to keep them but, realistically, changing charting strategies would be a monster project that may not be worth the time and expense I would have to invest.

ADDED. With the help of my web host I got the charting program working. (Added a couple of lines to the .htaccess file to revert to an older version of PHP.)

Zip code home sale charts NOW UPDATED with May data.