All the data on this website tends to attract real estate investors researching the Phoenix real estate market.

It’s common for me to field a call from a small real estate investor wanting to chat about Phoenix home price trends and I’m happy to do that even though I don’t often work with investors personally. My market is helping primary home and vacation home buyers and sellers.

The biggest question I’ve been getting from investors since last summer has been from landlords mulling over whether to sell a property when the lease expires or whether to renew the lease for another year.

Best Advice for Investors

The best advice I can give a real estate investor or wannabe real estate investor is to follow the Bigger Pockets blog.

It may be the best real estate blog on the web.

It clearly is the best real estate investing blog on the web.

It seems to this outsider that the information on Bigger Pockets is better than any of the books, seminars, TV shows, and other real estate investing stuff out there.

You should also check out the Bigger Pockets audio podcasts which they started last year.