Here’s an amazing story of commercial real estate investment in Dallas and the West.

The growth is even more amazing when you consider that Younan Properties has been in business only five years. Since 2002, the company has purchased $2.5 billion in real estate in Texas, Arizona, Florida and Illinois.

“Our growth and expansion was so phenomenal that a lot of people did not believe it,” he said.

The company has already reaped rewards from its investment program.

During the last two years, Younan Properties has sold off millions of dollars in California buildings acquired a few years ago. The average return was over 80 percent on many of the sales.

The company is also making substantial profits from the resale of buildings it purchased a few years ago in Phoenix.

“We’ve been very careful in calling the markets,” Mr. Younan said. We are focusing now in three markets ““ Dallas, Chicago and Houston.

The article makes it sound like he is going to hold the Dallas properties for a long time, however, it sounds to me like his strategy it to buy in undervalued markets, fix, get rents and renters up, and then flip these large commercial properties.

Well, I at least have one thing in common with this guy. I also ask myself, “Why, when I was 20 years old, didn’t I start doing this?” But for me it’s selling residential real estate.