In the Top 100 real estate blogs listed in the link above we currently have;

Jonathan Dalton’s All Phoenix Real Estate at #88,
Barbara Lasky’s Tucson Real Estate in the News at #80,
Kelley Koehler’s The Housechick Blog at #75,
Dave Smith’s Tucson AZ Real Estate at #55,
my Arizona Real Estate Notebook at #21,
Jay Thompson’s Phoenix Real Estate Guy at #19,
Greg Swann’s Bloodhound Blog at #17 and, hell,
we even have Twist’s Housing Doom at #4.

What about the rest of the country?

Seattle? Offline.

New York? Fergitaboutit!

Los Angeles? Dude, where’s my social network?

[You can keep score at home by clicking on this little thingy in the bottom of the sidebar. The “21” (or whatever number) is this web site’s current ranking.]