This is hilarious! The “Anyone stupid enough to lend me money deserves to lose it” argument.

” I was shocked they were even going to do it. If I couldn’t make my payment at $800 a month, what made them think I could afford $1,300 a month?”

But it gets better.

” Who would’ve thought the market did what it did with houses”

I think there were a few people out there who thought things might slow down.

But it gets worse.

Bates is resigned that the house his father co-signed for him will soon sit vacant like so many new investment dwellings.

Great! He’s also ruining his father’s credit.

The bank hasn’t set a date for vacating the premises, so he’s planning on getting his family out ” when they kick me out.”

Where the Bates clan ends up, remains to be seen.

” I’ll never live in an apartment,” Bates said. ” We’ll just become trailer trash or something. We gotta do what we gotta do.”

No surprise there.

Gee, I wonder if there might have been any mis-representations on his loan application?