Scottsdale City Jury Duty

I did jury duty last Friday at the City of Scottsdale. I didn’t even know they had jury trials at the City of Scottsdale!

Well, it turns out the City of Scottsdale does indeed have jury trials but only for misdemeanors. So I’m thinking, “Why would anyone go to trial on a misdemeanor?!”

It was an alcohol related driving offense. So then I’m thinking, “What kind of alcohol related driving offense is only a misdemeanor?!”

Anyway, I never found out because I wasn’t selected for the jury.

Maybe having two brothers who are lawyers, a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law who are lawyers and a sister who does pre-sentence reports was a factor.

I did find out, however, that about 90% of the jury trials in Scottsdale are DUI’s.

Now, the silly stuff!

While waiting with the other potential jurors, they showed this ancient video with newscasters describing the jury process. It was actually pretty useful. One of the newscasters, however, was Liz Habib.

Boy, I hadn’t thought of Liz Habib in years. She was the golden girl in broadcasting in Phoenix for a while in the mid-1990’s.

Liz Habib was so young and cute in the jury video. She looked like a little girl with almost chubby cheeks and blinking her eyes like she just got her first pair of contacts yesterday.

So I thought I would see what Liz Habib was up to since leaving KTVK in Phoenix. I’m sure a lot of my fellow jurors were wondering the same thing. Heck, this post could qualify as a public service message.

It turns out, Liz Habib isn’t shy anymore. She shows a lot of personality now and she comes across more the wild child than the school girl.

Now back to our regularly scheduled boring broadcasting.