This Scottsdale home is gorgeous inside and very nice in front but the seller and I weren’t happy with the curb appeal.

The inside is meticulously cared for, staged very well and just shows wonderfully. The home has received rave reviews from Realtors and their clients.

But I wasn’t happy with the curb appeal. It looked good but not as good as the inside nor as good as the backyard with its pool and spa.

Notice the sunscreens and the large rose near the entry. Removing the sunscreens and the rose really gave the front crisp, clean lines.


Scottsdale 4 bedroom



I am completely into making the entry look inviting and happy. The large rose partially blocked the view of the front door from the street and made the entry slightly cave-like. I want the eye to be drawn to the front door. I want the front door to say, “Walk this way and come on in.”

Removing the rose and replacing it with a flowering crepe myrtle was a huge improvement. We’ve also talked about painting the door to really draw your eye to the entrance.

Just for fun, what color would you paint the door? Can you think of anything else we can do to make the entry even more friendly and inviting, to pull your eye to the front door? A bench? Something hanging on the door? Or above the door? Maybe some small wall art next to the door?

The queen palm is placed in an unfortunate position. Instead of guiding your eye to the door, it’s a bit of a sentry bouncing your eye away from the door.