[While updating the theme for this website I ran into this post from February 2008. Boy, did I get my geek on researching this post. It took a TON of work. But it’s still pretty interesting. Or is that just me? :-) ]

Where does your name rank?

Top 100 Home Buyer Last Names
Maricopa County, Arizona 2007

Most common surnames of buyers

Top 10 Last Names of Home Buyers

The Top 10 last names accounted for 4% of the homes sold in Maricopa County in 2007. And the Top 100 last names accounted for 16% of homes sold in Maricopa County in 2007.

Most Buyers’ Last Names Occurred Only Once

73% of the homes purchased in Maricopa County in 2007 were bought by buyers whose last names only occurred once in the list of home buyers.

For example, my surname “Wake” only occurred once in the list of Maricopa County home buyers in 2007.

The Data

This analysis was derived from official Maricopa County, Arizona data on home sales in the county. Any errors, however, are my own.

Both resale and new home purchases were included.

When two or more buyers bought a home, only the surname of the first buyer listed in the county records was used for this analysis.