I’m largely done with the makeover to this website, Arizona Real Estate Notebook. Yea!

I still have to fiddle with the CSS (fonts, colors, and such). After a lot of hard (carpel tunnel creating) work, I finished the zip code Real Estate Notebook pages.

Real Estate Data for 124 Phoenix Zip Codes

On this website we have real estate data for 124 zip codes in metropolitan Phoenix. (See links in right hand column.)

Each zip code’s Real Estate Notebook has two pages. One page shows all single family homes listed for sale and a ton of information about homes actually sold in the Phoenix area zip code. In addition, each zip code has a second page showing new, just listed, single family detached homes.

From either of those pages you can customize the home search by price, number of bedrooms and many other criteria.

Under Construction

Even thought the makeover isn’t finished yet, I think after you look at a zip code or two that you will see that we wanted the design to be clean and crisp, easy to read and easy to understand. I hope we accomplished that.