Built out decades ago, McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale gets a lot more residential units.

The Trib has a nice, complete article on these redevelopments in McCormick Ranch.

The Radisson Hotel and Holiday Inn resort both near Scottsdale Road and Indian Bend Road are being torn down and replaced with condos, single family homes and office space.

A one-story office complex near Hayden Road and McCormick Parkway is also scheduled to be torn down and replaced with nine 2-story and 3-story buildings of “mission-style residential villas.” I’m guessing in developer-ese that means condos.

That’s a strong shift toward residential use.

I wonder how far the trend extends beyond McCormick Ranch.

I wonder if there is anything similar happening in Dobson Ranch in Mesa, built about the same time as McCormick Ranch. Home prices are not as high in Dobson Ranch, however, and it doesn’t have the rambling resort acreage available to convert to residential.